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student health center on NC State campus

(Y)Our Health

Wicked Problems, Wolfpack Solutions invites you to begin your NC State journey by joining with scholars from across campus in this unique online class.

Wicked Problems, Wolfpack Solutions:
(Y)Our Health

(Y)Our Health includes discussions of  Interconnections, Basic Needs, Disease, Environment, and Healthy Wolfpack.

How do we care for billions of people on an ever-changing planet while increasing access to health care and sharing new technologies? What are the current problems we face and what problems will we need to address in the future?

All wicked problems are both global and local, and we have to think about them in terms of the future as well as our day-to-day lives. Most importantly, the only way to address any wicked problem is to work together as a diverse team of scholars.

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Course Content

In this course, pay attention to the things you think you’re least interested in, because they may be the ones that change you the most.

Dr. Rob Dunn

Senior Vice Provost of Interdisciplinary University Programs
William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor,
Department of Applied Ecology